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Sk Europe BV, Netherlands


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Company type Besloten Vennootschap
Company number 34214150
Universal Entity Code1552-5600-7306-0736
Record last updated Wednesday, July 4, 2018 11:08:48 PM UTC
Official Address Kabelweg 37 Gemeente Amsterdam
There are 1,043 companies registered at this street
Postal Code 1014BA



SK Europe B.V. (Netherlands) Page visits 2023
Document Type Publication date Registry Date Download link
Registry Jul 4, 2018 Strike off
Registry Jul 4, 2018 Jun 27, 2018 Dissolution by decision of the general meeting
Financials Jun 6, 2016 Filing of financial statement 2015
Financials Oct 23, 2015 Filing of financial statement 2014
Financials Mar 16, 2015 Filing of financial statement 2013
Registry Apr 25, 2013 Apr 1, 2013 Resignation of one Trustee Resignation of one Trustee
Financials Jan 30, 2013 Filing of financial statement 2012
Financials Jun 6, 2012 Filing of financial statement 2011
Financials May 31, 2012 Filing of financial statement 2010
Financials May 2, 2011 Filing of financial statement 2009
Registry Oct 7, 2010 Sep 19, 2010 Two appointments: 2 men
Financials Sep 1, 2010 Filing of financial statement 2008
Financials Apr 6, 2009 Filing of financial statement 2007
Registry Jul 28, 2008 Jun 26, 2008 Appointment of a man as Director
Registry Jul 28, 2008 Jun 26, 2008 Resignation of one Director Resignation of one Director
Financials Jan 4, 2008 Filing of financial statement 2006
Financials May 30, 2006 Filing of financial statement 2005

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